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ASCTrac® WMS Order Planning and Shipping

Plan And Ship More Orders Efficiently And More Accurately

Managing large volumes of outbound customer orders can be difficult, complex, and even intimidating to some warehouse and distribution managers.

The ASCTrac® Order Planning and Shipping processes automate many of these complex processes using built-in and configurable planning logic based upon your business rules.

You define the logic – from the simplest of planning parameters (single order, waves, batches, pick-and pass, consolidated orders, load plan optimization), to more sophisticated functions like picking to mixed item containers, containerized freight shipments, rules for EDI/ASN clients, event management, complex labeling for your trading partners, complex rules by client, 3PL client rules, and many more.

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A few of the ASCTrac® WMS Order Planning and Shipping Module Features:

The ASCTrac® WMS base package includes the ability to manage the outbound order planning and shipping functions that you need for your manufacturing or distribution business. ASCTrac® WMS has the proven power to manage your complete supply chain order management with over twenty years of adding features to the base product. It includes built-in tools such as the following:

A few of the ASCTrac® WMS Order Planning and Shipping Benefits:

Connecting the Dots in Your Supply Chain®

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ASCTrac is a Complete Supply Chain Solution:

To ensure that you can fully orchestrate every point in your supply chain, the modular ASCTrac system can provide a complete solution to connect every portion of your supply chain, and you can choose which modules you need.

ASCTrac can be a Complementary Supply Chain Module:

The ASCTrac system can provide a modular and complimentary solution to connect to your existing ERP system. When your ERP cannot handle all of your supply chain challenges, choose the right combination for solving those complex needs.

You Need Real Time Information:

You cannot manage what you cannot see - to ensure that you are fully connected to your supply chain in real time, the ASCTrac system can provide visibility to your entire supply chain - true management in a proactive and predictive mode.

Trusted data:

All processes and movements of goods are double-checked and verified at the point of activity. Everything is tracked and audited with pharmaceutical grade precision. Real Time, 100% accurate data that is trusted.

Distribution - Connect, Plan, Optimize, and Execute

Since ASCTrac WMS is considered in the industry as a “best of breed” (best-in-class) system (which means it was purposely built and designed as a true distribution and manufacturing system from the operations perspective), it can handle all variations of distribution and manufacturing for any type of industry for any size of enterprise. Therefore, all operations are planned, accurate, visible in real time, and completely verified. This includes all transactions (such as receipts, picks, moves, physical counts, cycle counts, repacks, scraps, quality control holds and releases, parcel shipping, trailer shipping, etc.) at the point of activity for directed workflows. That means instant reconciliation if a picking error occurs, or verification for a purchase order receipt, etc., to ensure that the financial system is fully correct.

WMS Selection Hint: Be sure when comparing WMS products to make sure that the one you choose is not just a “data collection” module used as data entry method for an accounting system. Some systems are marketed as “WMS” when they are just simple data collection modules with no optimization. Choose a WMS that is designed by supply chain professionals to meet your most complex needs.

With all of the management side of the warehouse at stake, (i.e., labor resources, location utilization, rapid picks, zone control, ABC logic, throughput capacities, burden costs, planning, ASN/EDI, etc.), the deployment of ASCTrac® simply makes good management sense.

Award-winning Solutions

As a best-of-breed WMS, ASC has been honored to receive awards such as “Top 100 Logistics IT Solution Providers” in the world (again in 2021, over 18 years running), “Best-in-Class Design for Wireless Infrastructure,” “Top 10 Warehouse Management Solution Providers,” and the “Microsoft® Pinnacle Award” for our dedication to innovative solutions, unparalleled customer support, and top-notch customer service.

(Best-of-Breed and Best-in-Class are Gartner categories for WMS systems.)

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Do You Have Big ERP and Still Have Complex Inventory Challenges?

🡒 If you rely on a BIG ERP to solve complex inventory challenges, you may be disappointed to discover that it does not properly handle all of your department’s complex inventory movements.

🡒 In fact, you may be relying on Excel spread sheets to run your supply chain by owning BIG ERP.

Why? It’s because BIG ERPs were designed primarily as financial systems and not as supply chain systems. For intense supply chain needs, most big ERPs’ cannot handle complex operations such as interleaved complex inbound logic, multi-drop inbound logic, flexible sequenced priorities, dynamic wire guided vehicle directives, or other complex supply chain logic that must work 100% efficiently with manufacturing or in the mission-critical warehouse.

This is where we can help you with experienced and flexible “best-of-breed” off-the-shelf supply chain solutions that can do what you need. We can provide the experience and the solution for solving those complex needs with connected ERP interfaces to securely and accurately exchange information. Give us the tough stuff, your ERP handles the financials.

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