3rd Party Manufacturing


With over 28 years providing advanced 3PL software manufacturing solutions, we know that the needs of your 3PL manufacturing requirements could be very complex and very unique. The companies that hire you to manufacture their products depend on you to perform perfectly and consistently—and at higher levels than their own manufacturing operations—while conforming to their way of doing business.

As your 3PL manufacturing customer base grows, ASC solutions help you to meet these complex requirements from hundreds of multiple inventory owners. Our built-in 3PL software features address requirements like providing complete and fully integrated manufacturing and planning solutions for all of your clients including: Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Shop Floor and Labor Tracking, Forecast and Demand Planning for both the produced goods and components, managed Purchase Orders on behalf of your clients, and extensive Quality Control (pharma grade) for true lot and serialized production. All of this is incorporated into seamless 3PL billing for the success of your organization.

As a 3PL, the 3PL software you choose can make all the difference in the world because of the constant growing need for customer-driven requirements. Our innovative solutions have solved these complex manufacturing requirements in hundreds of industries and we can help you. Whatever your size or industry, you can reach full orchestration excellence in manufacturing by using proven ASC solutions. And, you will get a real competitive advantage for your 3PL manufacturing operations.

Flexible off-the-shelf software solves your most complex 3PL manufacturing challenges.

  • ASCTrac® Manufacturing Execution and Planning System (MES/MRP): embedded 3PL logic for both process and discrete manufacturing, food and pharma grade
  • ASCTrac Warehouse Management System (WMS): designed for the most demanding 3PL distribution operations
  • ASCTrac Embedded 3rd Party Logistics logic: handles unlimited multiple client inventories and their customer handling rules
  • Real-time web-based eBusiness/eCommerce modules: purposely designed for B2B, B2C, and 3PL
  • ASCTrac 3PL Invoicing and Reporting module: seamless 3PL billing for all value added services
  • Shop Floor module: Inventory Tracking (advanced lot and serial number tracking) and Labor Tracking (for total costing)
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting module: planning for components and finished goods
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) portal: connectivity for all trading partners
  • Scale Interface modules: Weight and Catch Weight items, extends to silos and vessels
  • 3PL Containerized Freight Tracking (CFT): for all overseas containers, both import and export, and site-to-site transfers
  • 3PL Shipping modules: supports tiered pricing and billing rates for Parcel, LTL, and FTL
  • Distributed Remote Manufacturing Module: run operations from a mobile device

Built-in features and benefits meet the needs of your 3PL manufacturing operation.

  • Fully integrated with all ASC Manufacturing and MRP Planning modules: pharmaceutical and food grade  Read More
  • 3PL Shipping Features: tiered pricing for all Parcel, LTL, and FTL shipments, 3PL customer rules
  • 3PL Large Velocity Picking: advanced logic for extreme high picking velocities
  • 3PL Mass Mailing: 3PL ability to “bulk/batch pick” and auto-ship 1000’s of items
  • 3PL Invoicing: initial and recurring invoices with 3PL reporting
  • Complete tracking and costing: for both owned and non-owned inventory for accounting purposes
  • Tracks the ownership of all inventories in all locations: the financially responsible party, the vendor, the inventory consignee, and equipment assets.
  • Interfaces for any financial system: push 3PL invoices to other systems
  • Real time visibility for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): B2B/B2C/3PL
  • Fully Integrated with all ASC Purchase Order and PO Requisition modules
  • Fully Integrated with ASC Invoicing module: supports 3PL billing
  • Fully integrated to all other ASC connectivity modules: like the WCS, EDI, ERP, web portals, etc.
  • Supports all Good Manufacturing standards: such as GSM, GMP, “lean”, all FDA and pharma, all “food grade,” and supports all discrete and fluid manufacturing types
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