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Food & Beverage

Streamlined Operations with Process-Based Solutions

At ASC Software, we understand the critical importance of productivity, inventory accuracy, and compliance within the food and beverage industry. Our ASCTrac® solutions are designed to exceed FDA mandates, offering unparalleled tracking capabilities for quality assurance, expiration monitoring, and multi-zone warehouse organization, catering to the unique needs of frozen foods, cooler goods, meat processing, dry goods, and chemicals.

Recognizing that food and beverage operations are predominantly process-based, our ASCTrac WMS integrates variance costing for manufacturing, offering a lean costing process with seamless connectivity to your financial systems. This user-friendly approach, combined with our award-winning recognition by Microsoft®, positions ASCTrac as a top-tier solution for the industry.

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Increase regulatory compliance and safety with ASC.  Lot and encrypted lot tracking capabilities support all FDA mandates and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring your products are always compliant and safe for consumption.

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Optimize inventory management by utilizing our configurable rules for lot and expiration dates, employing food/pharma-grade FEFO and FIFO methodologies to maximize inventory efficiency and minimize waste.

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Reduce costs and boost labor efficiency. Our comprehensive tracking and costing of inventory and labor utilize lean accounting methods, providing you with a clear financial picture and helping to streamline your operations.

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Comprehensive Lot and Expiration Tracking

Implement full-scale lot consumption and expiration date tracking for raw materials and finished goods, ensuring every product meets the highest standards from production to delivery. Our system’s precision in managing expiry calculations keeps your operations FDA-compliant and customer-ready.

Advanced Cold-Chain Management

Maintain the integrity of your perishable goods with our cold-chain inventory storage solutions. Organize your warehouse by zones, including freezer, cooler, and packaging areas, to ensure optimal storage conditions and product quality.

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Quality Control and Production Oversight

Leverage our Production Work Orders app for forward and reverse lot traceability, encompassing all raw materials, components, and finished goods. Our route and track quality control steps come with a full audit log, offering transparency and accountability at every stage.

Seamless Automation Integration

Our Automation Connectivity apps interface with a wide array of equipment, including flow meters, valves, A-frames, AS/RS, carousels, and pick-to-light systems. This integration ensures that your operations are efficient, accurate, and fully automated where necessary.

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Tailored Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

ASC’s food and beverage software is specifically designed to meet the complex challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers. From lot tracking using FDA-grade processes to extensive traceability and connectivity options, our systems are built to ensure your operations are efficient, compliant, and competitive.

Ready to Transform Your Food and Beverage Operations?

Connect with ASC Software to discover how our ASCTrac® solutions can revolutionize your food and beverage operations. Our expertise is your competitive edge in meeting FDA mandates and exceeding industry standards.

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