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Wholesale Distribution

Transition from Planning to Execution with Seamless Technology

At ASC, we recognize the complexities you face in managing your supply chain. Our solutions are crafted to bring clarity and control to your operations, enabling you to manage inventory, fulfill orders, and meet customer demands with precision and ease. Our technology suite is built for intuitive use, allowing you to integrate advanced features into your daily operations without a steep learning curve. With ASC, you can focus on scaling your business while our software handles the intricacies of warehouse management and distribution logistics.
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Empower your decision-making with the best of both worlds: ASC’s real-time data and analytics alongside our robust performance metrics and reporting capabilities. With over 100 standard report templates at your disposal, you can confidently manage stock levels, optimize inventory turnover, and make purchasing decisions that drive profitability and efficiency.

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Elevate your operational efficiency with ASC’s optimized workflows and true Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities. Our system-directed workflows streamline planning and execution, freeing you from static work queues and enabling dynamic scheduling. This means you can focus on strategic activities that add tangible value to your business.

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Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with our solutions ensuring that every order is fulfilled accurately and on time, bolstered by automated print controls for all necessary documentation. From license plate labels to compliant shipping labels and pack slips, we help you maintain a reputation for reliability that translates into customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Grow without limits with ASC’s scalable solutions. Our system is designed to support your expansion, adapting to increased volumes and operational complexity with dynamic planning and scheduling. As your business evolves, ASC’s solutions scale with you, ensuring efficiency and readiness for future challenges.

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Real-Time Inventory Management

Experience the clarity of ASC’s real-time inventory management, where every detail of your stock is visible in the moment. Achieve operational excellence with 100% inventory visibility across every site, warehouse, zone, aisle, bay, bin, and QC status. Our system ensures you’re equipped with dynamic, process-based management tools that are both agile and reliable, keeping your distribution operation running at peak efficiency.

Optimized Workflow Paths

Optimize every movement within your warehouse with ASC’s intelligent workflow paths. Our system enhances your put-away and picking processes, suggesting the most efficient routes and adapting to your unique operational rules. This translates to a more efficient and responsive distribution process, backed by system-directed workflows that are field-proven for agility and reliability.
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Advanced Order Management

Master the art of order fulfillment with ASC’s advanced order management. Utilize our ASCTrac® Warehouse Management System (WMS) for enterprise-class management that streamlines your distribution operations. With capabilities for wave, batch, and zone picking, our mobile app ensures you can pick orders accurately and efficiently in real-time, every time.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Ensure a unified operation with ASC’s seamless integration capabilities. Our solutions are built to work in harmony with your existing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Oracle, and more. This connectivity creates a cohesive operation, enhancing communication and coordination across your supply chain.
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Comprehensive Demand Planning

Stay ahead of market demands with ASC’s comprehensive demand planning. It combines statistical modeling with ‘What-If’ scenarios to provide accurate forecasts, enabling you to plan your inventory purchases and prepare for seasonal fluctuations with precision. This level of foresight is essential for maintaining a responsive and efficient supply chain.

Tailored Solutions for the Wholesale Distribution Sector

We recognize that no two distribution operations are the same. That’s why our solutions are designed with the flexibility to address the specific needs of your industry. Whether you’re dealing with perishable goods, high-volume turnover, or complex multi-channel distribution networks, ASC’s wholesale distribution software is ready to meet the challenge.

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Discover the ASC Advantage

Are you ready to elevate your wholesale distribution operations? 

Reach out to us to schedule a comprehensive demo or to discuss how ASC’s solutions can be tailored to your business’s unique needs. Let’s build a more efficient and accurate distribution system together.

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