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Our Partners

ASC Software understands that partnerships need to be mutually beneficial. So we offer several different types of partnerships for various types of business models

Solution Partners operate as extensions of our own salesforce and typically provide other essential goods/services for warehousing and manufacturing operations; things like packaging material, labels, mobile computers, bar code readers, printers, pallet wrappers, automation machinery, and more. This also includes service providers such as consulting firms and systems integrators. We have several different types of these agreements available with compensation levels that correspond to the degree of involvement from our partner and with our mutual customer. Please contact us for further information on the partnership opportunities available for your specific business model.

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Hardware Partners are hand-selected by ASC as industry leading manufacturers of ruggedized mobile computing devices, bar code scanners, RFID readers, industrial label printers, and more. We only recommend devices from manufacturers which have established a formal relationship with us and that we have certified compatibility with their devices. In some cases we provide these devices to our end customers directly and we also include technical support for the devices that we sell. The hardware devices can also be purchased from one of our Solution Partners (or even provided by the end user). This is ultimately our customer’s decision. So we not only sell and promote your products ourselves, we create additional demand for your products beyond what we sell ourselves

Software Partners are strategic alliances we’ve formed with other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that have synergistic solutions for ASCTrac®. These partners include ISVs of ERP/accounting software, parcel shipping and TMS solutions, EDI/data connectivity, business intelligence and more. Anything from simple lead referral agreements, to interfacing your software with ours, if there’s a good business case we’d like to speak with you

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Looking for a true partner that is a world-class software developer of Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Executions Systems?