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Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Automate Your Warehouse to Perfection with Robotic Picking and Sorting

Do you aim for perfect orders every time in your warehouse and distribution operation? ASCTrac® Warehouse Control System (WCS) makes perfection attainable with a real-time “Supply Chain Brain” that integrates and manages all activities with your material handling equipment such as AS/RS, carousels, conveyor systems, sorters, palletizers, etc. You gain maximum efficiency and accuracy in one seamless integration with our WCS module.

With this complete material-handling planning and execution tool, you’ll experience a new ease in orchestrating multi-zone automated picking systems, lot traceability, and even supporting the most complex picking requirements. Plus, our WCS is designed to be seamless with our ASCTrac® WMS to give you the smoothest operation you can imagine, every minute of every day.

Choosing to partner with ASC gives you the competitive advantage with innovations that continue to win awards in our industry—a “Best of Breed” WMS solution for world-class enterprises.

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Features of the Warehouse Control System (WCS)

(-- These are highlights as there are too many BENEFITS to list. --)

Connecting the Dots in Your Supply Chain®

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ASCTrac is a Complete Supply Chain Solution:

To ensure that you can fully orchestrate every point in your supply chain, the modular ASCTrac system can provide a complete solution to connect every portion of your supply chain, and you can choose which modules you need.

ASCTrac can be a Complementary Supply Chain Module:

The ASCTrac system can provide a modular and complimentary solution to connect to your existing ERP system. When your ERP cannot handle all of your supply chain challenges, choose the right combination for solving those complex needs.

You Need Real Time Information:

You cannot manage what you cannot see - to ensure that you are fully connected to your supply chain in real time, the ASCTrac system can provide visibility to your entire supply chain - true management in a proactive and predictive mode.

Trusted data:

All processes and movements of goods are double-checked and verified at the point of activity. Everything is tracked and audited with pharmaceutical grade precision. Real Time, 100% accurate data that is trusted.

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