Advanced Manufacturing

Fully integrated manufacturing software solutions with built-in features, automation, and adaptability.

As a leader in manufacturing solutions for more than 28 years, we have the experience and expertise to fully understand your most complex challenge—and solve it. Our manufacturing software solutions have the features, automation, and adaptability to overcome the challenges you need to address to reach perfect order in your manufacturing operation.

We provide complete and fully integrated manufacturing execution and planning solutions for both discrete and process operations including Work Orders, Shop Floor work cells, MRP, pharma-grade Quality Control, Forecast and Demand Planning, and auto-created PO/WO's.

Our innovative manufacturing software solutions have overcome complex manufacturing requirements in hundreds of industries and we can help you—whatever your size or industry—reach full orchestration of excellence in manufacturing.

Flexible off-the-shelf software solves your most complex manufacturing challenges.

    • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management System (WMS): designed for the most demanding operations
    • ASCTrac Manufacturing Execution and Planning System (MES/MRP)
  • Real-time web-based eBusiness/eCommerce module: B2B, B2C, and 3PL
  • 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Manufacturing module: food and pharma grade
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting module
  • Shop Floor module: Inventory Tracking (advanced lot and serial number tracking) and Labor Tracking (for total costing)
  • Scale module: Weight and Catch Weight items
  • Remote Manufacturing Module: food and pharma specific)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module: connectivity for ASN's, RFID, etc.
  • Parcel Shipping modules
  • Containerized Freight Tracking(CFT) module: for overseas containers, both import and export

Built-in features and benefits meet the needs of your manufacturing operation.

  • Complete tracking and costing for the ERP solution
  • Fluid Product Tank and Container Logic: re-useable containers
  • Encrypted Lot Tracking: extensive QC controls, includes narcotics handling
  • Lot and Expiration Date Configurable Rules: pharma grade, supports all FDA mandates
  • GS1 Bar Code Automation for lot, expiration date, etc.
  • Process Manufacturing with Lean Accounting Methods
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • PLC, Scale, and Metering systems connectivity
  • Silo and Fluid Product lot tracking logic
  • Manufacturing Work Order Costing: with component costing, landed costing, etc.
  • Quality Control and FDA-grade controls
  • Full Lot Tracking, Date Code controls: for components and produced goods
  • Automated Print and Apply Controls, including RFID tags
  • Conveyor functions with automated fixed scanning: supports WCS systems
  • ERP connectivity for your financial package in real-time mode
  • Real-time visibility for the accounting system
  • Fully integrated to the other ASC modules
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