Wholesale Distribution



Orchestrate Excellence in Your Supply Chain Operations with Dynamic Warehouse Distribution Solutions

Employing a proactive, versus reactive, approach, ASC’s innovations give you the technology you need to easily move from conception to execution, and finally to full-orchestration excellence in your operations.

Both process-based and technology-based, our supply chain solutions have been field-proven for both agility and reliability. ASC gives you more features, more automation, and more adaptability—so you can keep your distribution operation running at peak efficiency.

  • 100% real-time inventory visibility by site, warehouse, zone, aisle, bay, bin, item velocity, and QC status
  • Optimized put-away and pick paths with system suggested locations/workflows based on the rules you set
  • Built-in processes for order picking by batch, wave, zone, load group, shipping container and/or cart bin
  • PC Client screens are a standard Windows GUI, end-user configurable, and include user-defined reports


Flexible off-the-shelf supply chain software for wholesalers and distributors

  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management System (WMS): Enterprise-class warehouse management system designed for the most demanding distribution operations
  • Pick orders accurately, efficiently, and in real-time with the ASCTrac Mobile app in waves, batches, container, cart bin/load group, zones, kanban, etc.

  • Built-in performance metrics with user-definable graphical displays, over 100 standard report templates, and unlimited user-defined reports

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) App: connectivity for ASN's, RFID, etc.

  • Asset Management app: Track location, condition, and preventative maintenance performed on assets such as returnable shipping containers, fork lifts/batteries, vending machines, etc.

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting app: statistical modeling of historical trends with “What-If” scenarios

  • Parcel Shipping apps: multi-carrier manifesting with rate shopping

  • Automation Connectivity apps: interfaces to WCS, PLCs, carousels, A-frames, pick-to-light, conveyors, label applicators, scales, metering systems, more…

Built-in features and processes for wholesale & distribution operations

  • True WMS with optimized, system-directed work-flows for both planning and executing

  • Pick orders accurately, efficiently, and in real-time with the ASCTrac Mobile App

  • Dynamic planning and scheduling of Receiving, Picking and Shipping operations with no static work queues

  • Route & track Quality Control steps with FDA-grade controls

  • Automated print controls for producing license plate labels, customer/carrier compliant shipping labels, bill of lading, pack slips, material safety data sheets (MSDS), RFID tags, 2D bar codes, and more

  • Fully integrated with all of the other ASCTrac apps

  • Multiple interfaces to your financial and automation systems, including: Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Oracle, and more

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