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Automotive and Aerospace

Drive progress in your supply chain with innovative solutions for the automotive and aerospace industries.

For over 27 years, ASC has been partnering with automotive and aerospace manufacturers to build, test, pack, and ship the correct parts to final assembly manufacturing points. As part of our commitment to ongoing innovation, we created the first auto-scanning automotive linking system to ensure that parts were built and tracked to the final assembly plant.

ASC was also instrumental in the first-ever AIAG Trailer Automatic Identification Project, an initiative that began as a way to ensure that full trailers of components were not accidentally removed by someone pulling trailers for the next shipment. Our innovative design was selected as the AIAG standard format for all trailers in North America.

With a commitment to solving complex challenges and non-stop dependability as our goal, we design our automotive and aerospace solutions to be durable and reliable for continued performance, 24/7—so you can run your manufacturing operation efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Flexible off-the-shelf software solves your most complex challenges.

In addition to all of the main ASC solutions, there are two optional versions of ASC automotive and aerospace modules:

Built-in features and benefits meet the needs of the automotive and aerospace industries.

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