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RFID Tracking Solutions

Integrated Solutions for RFID for Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

If you are a trading partner with the DOD, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, etc., RFID identification on your outbound goods may be required for your operations. Sometimes, this process can be a daunting task without expert guidance.

At ASC, we have spent years working with RFID products and educating users on RFID solutions (with certified RFID personnel.) In fact, in 2005, we chaired a series on RFID for DOD seminars in Washington DC. Our years of experience allow us to fully understand the technical and business aspects of using RFID technology.

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ASCTrac® WMS is RFID Enabled

ASC’s ASCTrac® WMS software provides standard RFID EPC Global and DOD tag creation built-in to the base product. This is the “tag-and-ship” concept, and ASCTrac® also includes populating the correct data in the required EDI fields. ASC feels that this should be included in any modern distribution system at no extra cost, and this improves your bottom line!


Fully integrated data combined with the RFID labeling requirements for your customers built-in to an extremely easy-to-use process for your users simply makes good business sense.

Proper RFID hardware in the mobile hand held scanners will be required to scan or read the RFID tags. Should you desire to do this in your own facility, ASCTrac® fully supports this process based upon proper hardware setup.

ASCTrac® WMS RFID Options

ASC’s ASCTrac® WMS software provides optional RFID tag reader modules. ASCTrac® handles inbound, outbound, pack out verification, and pallet verification modules using hands-off RFID scanning.

For example, as a pallet moves through a dock door, all of the ASN information is read automatically and it processes all of the receipt data with 100% verification. No operator entry required!

For dock door pallet scanning, or for case level scanning, these options require additional RFID solutions. Contact us for more details as this requires additional hardware with proper engineering and testing for all scanning portals.

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