ASCTrac® in the Cloud

It’s your choice: Cloud-based or On-premise

When you are considering WMS or manufacturing software, there are certain deployment methods that you will want to compare for your mission critical supply chain solution. In addition, you will need to compare your required features and how much experience the software vendor actually has in your industry.

ASC has had more than 27 years of experience in complete supply chain operations for all industries, and in “hosted” deployments (all of our enterprise clients are deployed in a hosted-based model.) Adding to this, ASC supports hosted cloud-based or on-premise deployments for your mission critical operations: it’s your choice!

ASC provides "cloud" based experience for your mission critical operations:

"Cloud" can best be described as a deployment strategy where IT services and hardware are being provided from a different location than where the actual end user is located, and it generally means that a public network (the internet) is used to connect the users to the servers.

ASC solutions have always been focused on robust solutions for the supply chain. That is why we include so many features in our solutions to support mission critical operations. There are no surprises or hidden costs. This has created a very positive difference for our customers and what separates us from the low-end "web-based" SaaS systems. (Most low end SaaS systems are just simple data collection systems that provide no planning or verification features.)

Our solutions provide a full intelligent tool that has been refined over twenty-seven (27) years for mission critical operations. The fast speed, the reliability, and the user interface are all engineered from the ground up to be very efficient. Your critical operations require high-speed applications - ASC's product is "app" driven for extreme high-speed and reliability. For example, you could require a system to support over 70,000 perfect orders a day per site, or over 1.5 million packages a month - we support that.

Cost Effective Deployment For Business Class Operations:

ASC's cloud deployments are cost effective and can support the "no large capital investment.” That way, the server infrastructure is supported and backed-up by an off-site IT team utilizing redundant servers to guarantee uptime. We provide a full-featured Tier 1 WMS solution for 3PL's, distributors, and manufacturers that will function in the most demanding situations.

Our ASCTrac® cloud-based model has been carefully defined to guarantee a true business-class system to insure customer confidence for mission critical operations in global markets. Cloud deployments can never be more mission-critical than when a WMS (Warehouse Management System) or MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is used in your operations. Therefore, it MUST be running for you to operate your business.

In addition, all mobile devices work seamlessly and without interruption, and guarantee "no lost transactions." Based on the high reliability of "virtual and redundant servers," our enterprise-class products have the built-in intelligence to do what a serious distributor, manufacturer, or 3PL needs to do to in a cloud deployment to operate their mission critical business.

Typical Cloud (or Hosted) Category Options

Cloud (or hosted) service providers typically tend to offer services that can be grouped into multiple categories that can overlap:

  • Software as a service, (SaaS): usually monthly billing, no license purchase
  • Platform as a service, (PaaS): no server or IT costs
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): no server or IT costs
  • Hardware as a service (HaaS): usually a monthly billing, (could include the mobile scanners or printers located at your local sites)

ASC can provide the entire solution as a cloud-based service for you.
We have authored a technical paper that describes this important deployment for our products in greater detail to help you decide. Request Technical Paper

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