ASCTrac® Event Management Alerts

Alert Triggers automate certain functions

ASC has embedded many event management alerts, or “alert triggers,” that can be invoked to automate certain functions to provide alerts for your operations. These embedded workflow alerts are critical to all business functions.

For example, ASC has embedded the following events or alerts:

  • - Sending automated emails upon receipts
  • - Low inventory notifications
  • - Automatic purchase order requests
  • - Monitoring re-order points
  • - Errors with an import of data
  • - ASN notifications for embedded EDI triggers
  • - ...and many more...

Event Management and
Business Activity Monitoring for
Microsoft® SQL Server.

Set Up Your Own Business Logic

In addition to the items mentioned above, and to help you get the most from your software investment, ASC is proud to offer a business activity monitoring and event management software application for Microsoft® SQL Server. This software enables users to define SQL table condition sets which will trigger alerts. SQL conditions can be based on discrete values or based on trends over time. The triggered alerts can be configured in the form of an email, SQL triggers to save a customer order, printing a report, and much more.

This event manager is an extremely powerful tool which can implemented at a very affordable cost. It is an excellent add-on to a new or existing ASCTrac® system. But the benefits don't stop there. Additional "connections" can be purchased to provide activity monitoring and alerts for your other MS SQL based software applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Transportation Management, and/or Yard Management, to name a few.

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