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Mobile Computers and Bar Code Printing Solutions Purpose-Built for Success.

To help you meet customer demand and stay ahead of the competition, these purpose-built mobile computers can span every aspect of your supply chain operation: from the production floors, to the warehouse centers and extending into field operations. Our off-the-shelf and pre-configured hardware solutions help you run your business no matter which area of the supply chain you focus on.

Customer compliance in the supply chain can be complex, and customers expect service and information instantly. Fortunately, you CAN get unprecedented error-proofing and visibility into every corner of your operation to ensure flawless manufacturing and distribution to create happy customers.

  • - (ASC is a solution partner for Zebra®, Cisco® and others. ASC also provides support and accessories for items below. Your ASC Business Partner or Solution Partner may also provide hardware with support.)


One Source for Software, Hardware, and Full Support.

ASC includes at no charge an ASCTrac® Mobile Application license and ASCTrac® Mobile Device Manager (MDM) license with every mobile device provided by ASC* including pre-configuration and testing to save you even more time and money.

  • - (Extended Hardware Warranties available beyond first year. * Included with ASCTrac® Standard or higher deployment versions, contact your sales person for more details on Basic or Starter versions.)


Studies have shown that using these tools and with the combination of a ruggedized industrial mobile devices can save you even more money over time (less support time, less down time, more productive time, longer product life-cycle, etc.)

  • - (Source: VDC Research March 2016 - rugged device saves 89% of TCO over a non-rugged device.)





Our next generation supply chain software works in harmony with the next generation in supply chain hardware.


TC8300 Touch Mobile Computer

TC8300 Touch Mobile Computer (New)

The groundbreaking and EXTREMELY rugged TC8300 warehouse mobile computer was designed from the ground up to increase worker productivity by 14 percent(*). How? The 'tilt and verify' motion has been minimized that is required to interact with the device and it’s 33 percent lighter (even with a larger touch screen) to minimize fatigue. And the optional 13 MP color camera captures high resolution images for proof. Capture 1D, 2D and direct part mark barcodes: the Extended Range Imager provides an extraordinary scanning range — from 3 inches to 70 feet.
Runs ASCTrac® Mobile App. and ASCTrac® Mobile Device Manager (MDM); OS: Android.

Spec Sheet - TC8300

MC9300 Mobile Computer

MC9300 Mobile Computer (NEW - Most Rugged)

NEW MC9300 joins the BEST SELLING MC9000 Series with over three million mobile computers deployed in warehouse and manufacturing plants worldwide. But today’s demanding customers require you to ship more orders every day, faster than ever. Introducing the mobile computer that can get it done, the ultimate ULTRA-RUGGED MC9300. Optional color camera. Whether barcodes are in hand, on the uppermost shelves of your racks or somewhere in between, the MC9300 can capture them all — as close as 3 inches to as far as 70 feet. (Optional Freezer version.)
Runs ASCTrac® Mobile App. and ASCTrac® Mobile Device Manager (MDM); OS: Android.

Spec Sheet - MC9300

MC3300 Mobile Computer

MC3300 Mobile Computer (Semi-rugged, lower cost)

The MC3300 makes it easy to migrate to the next generation in mobility business platforms — Android. The same operating system that took the consumer world by storm is now fortified for business, providing a well-proven mobility platform. The Zebra MC3300 can be configured four ways – pistol-grip, turret with rotating head, straight shooter 0º scan and 45º scan – giving you options for every use case. And, they’re all designed with ergonomics and performance in mind. Your existing MC3200 charging cradles and other accessories are also compatible to MC3300 models.
Runs ASCTrac® Mobile App. and ASCTrac® Mobile Device Manager (MDM); OS: Android.

Spec Sheet - MC3300

L10 Rugged Tablet

NEW - Model L10 Rugged Tablet With Scanner

The L10 rugged platform offers a variety of tablet configurations and a shared accessory ecosystem that sets a new standard in office, VEHICLE and field-based computing. Whether your mobile workers prefer a slate tablet (XSLATE L10), a tablet with a hard-handle and built-in BARCODE SCANNER option (XPAD L10), or a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet with a full-featured keyboard (XBOOK L10), the functional flexibility of the Zebra L10 ensures that your mobile workers have the right ruggedized computing tool for their job. See the panel below for optional accessories.
Runs all of the ASCTrac® Apps including the Mobile and Tablet Apps. OS: Windows

Spec Sheet - L10

L10 on Lift Truck

L10 Accessories - Docking Cradles and Input Devices

Expand the use of the L10 series with docking cradles for lift trucks, industrial factory floor, and the office. Many options are avaialable for power such as mutiple batteries and power adapters. Other input devices: keyboards, smartcard/CAC readers, true RS232 port, RFID reader, and digitizer pens. XPAD has a built-in bar code scanner, but the others can have a detached scanner.

All accessories are for XSLATE (tablet), or XPAD (tablet with handle and scanner), or XBOOK (2-in-1 laptop.)

Specs - L10 Accessories

TC70-/75 Touch Computers

TC72/77 Touch Mobile Computers

The TC72 and TC77 Android Touch Computers builds on the highly successful TC70/TC75 Series family to create the ultimate ultra-rugged all-touch computer for all workers inside or outside the four walls — a smartphone experience for maximum simplicity, the ultimate in rugged construction, complete cellular network flexibility, and a new platform offering more capabilities than any other device in this class for maximum staff enablement.

(Runs ASCTrac® Mobile App. WiFi or cellular. OS: Android)

Spec Sheet - TC 72/77

VC80 Series Vehicle-Mounted Computers

VC80 Series Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Give operators in material handling vehicles mobile access to the desktop or tablet applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately. For FREEZER use, you get true frost- and condensation-free operation with touch-screen, board and battery heaters, plus smart temperature sensors that automatically control heater and heating speed. The VC80x includes the Android operating system and the VC80 with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, 64 bit (or Win 7 ENT.)

ET50/55 Enterprise Tablets

ET50/55 Enterprise Tablets

The best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features for industrial use. Two integrated cameras for image capture, bar code scanning; optional advanced scan engines and innovative Bluetooth scanners for comfortable intensive bar code scanning. With a rugged frame for extra durability in more demanding environments, its your choice of Android™ or Windows®. Two display sizes, GPS, NFC and fast Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connections (Wi-Fi with the ET50 and 4G LTE with the ET55.)

ZT510 Industrial Printer

ZT510 Series Industrial Printers

Building on the legacy of the industry-leading 105SLPlus printer, the ZT510 includes the core features you need in an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point.
(4", all metal, 12 IPS, 203 dpm,300 dpm opt.)

ZT600 Series Industrial printers

ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

Advancing the legacy of the industry-leading Xi Series, the ZT600 Series printers combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform.
(4", all metal, up to 14 IPS, 203 dpm, 300/600 dpm opt., WiFi option.)

ZT400 Series Industrial Printers

ZT400 Series Industrial Printers

The ZT400 Series is designed for durable, reliable printing in tough environments. Loaded with advanced features, RFID capabilities and Zebra’s Link-OS environment, the ZT400 is ideal for a wide array of applications. (ZT420 is 6" wide.)
(4" wide, optional 6", metal frame, up to 14 IPS, 203 dpm, 300/600 dpm opt. on 410, WiFi option.)

QLn Series Mobile Printers

QLn Series Mobile Printers

Drop-resistant and lightweight, the user-friendly QLn mobile printers help you print barcode labels, receipts and more, wherever and whenever needed. (QLn220 =2" wide printing, QLn320 =3" wide, QLn420 =4" wide.)


Wearable Mobile Computers

WT6000 wearable computer with Bluetooth ring scanners or corded ring scanners, RS5000 wearable computer for freezer-grade use (freezer requires corded ring scanner.)

Headsets for VOICE PICKING

Multiple versions HS3100/HS2100 rugged versions, Bluetooth and corded, and RCH51 corded with noise cancellation. Used with Voice Picking for hands free picking or visually impaired workers.

Batteries and Charging

4-slot and 1-slot charging and communication cradles, 4-slot charging only cradles, wall mounting brackets, spare batteries, 4-slot battery chargers, and other items.

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