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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

True Pharmaceutical-grade Lot Traceability for FDA Mandates and GMP

ASCTrac® supply chain solutions were purposely designed for the pharmaceutical industry to provide true pharmaceutical-grade lot traceability.  This pharmaceutical software is able to help you meet the FDA mandates and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) required in the pharmaceutical industry, which also includes built-in controls for narcotics.  Our solutions also provide a lean manufacturing process.  The actual inventory and labor results from each ASCTrac Production Work Order can also be shared with your financial system for accurate batch costing.

If a recall occurs, the ASCTrac QC system is designed to instantly process the affected products throughout your entire supply chain with built-in audits, reports, and processes.  A “Recall Wizard” is included in the core system to automate the dissemination of recall notices with just a few mouse clicks.  ASCTrac already has the capabilities you need built-in for tracking the lot numbers and expiration dates of raw materials consumed in producing finished goods such as prescription drugs/narcotics, medical devices, OTC medications, nutraceuticals, cosmetic products, and more.

Flexible, Off-the-Shelf Pharmaceutical Software Solutions from ASC Help You Solve Your Most Complex Challenges

ASCTrac Warehouse Management System (WMS):

Manufacturing Execution Add-On Modules for ASCTrac WMS:

Built-In Features and Processes Meet the Needs of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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