ASCTrac® Performance and Distribution Metrics

Monitor and fine tune your warehouse and manufacturing operations

ASC has many performance and distribution metric functions available for monitoring and fine tuning your warehouse and manufacturing operations. Some of these functions include:

  • Distribution metrics: 44 standard KPI metrics for distribution
  • Labor consumption, both team and individual: 3PL clock on/off, manufacturing costs, etc.
  • Warehouse optimization performance: use metrics to monitor performance
  • Order management planning: complete visual planning and status of all orders and zones
  • Inventory accuracy: how accurate is your inventory?
  • Manufacturing costing analysis and visual displays: total costs per each batch for labor, materials, overhead
  • ABC analysis: displays and recommends the best zones for slotting inventory
    ...and many more.

To help you manage your daily warehouse operations, the performance management functions provide graphical displays, history charts, picker productivity, perfect order performance, real-time views, monthly and quarterly charts, and drill down capability. Further, these are available as reports, views, and for mobile device access. You can monitor your warehouse remotely if you so desire from anywhere you have a browser connection (requires Metrics Module.)
The statistics provided are invaluable for management. For example, the system will analyze all of the statistical information for all high velocity items, and suggest which items are indeed A, B, or C items so that you can place the A items closer to the dock areas. This allows the entire operation to be more efficient.

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