3PL Value Added Services Solution


Real-time supply chain visibility in a solution built and designed for the demanding needs of 3PL.

To be a true value proposition to their customers, a 3PL must be able to handle rising demands of complexity with unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ASCTrac® 3PL module provides the flexibility and seamless tracking you need in your operations so you can take on tasks that seem insurmountable—and manage them effortlessly.

In the complex world of 3PL, ASC provides the innovations that are the difference between serving customers or losing customers.

ASCTrac® was designed from the very beginning for 3PLs by logistics professionals for use by logistics professionals. As such, it is used by some of the world's largest and the fastest growing 3PL's and ensures their success.

Real-time 3PL
Supply Chain

Enterprise 3PL Visibility with Automated 3PL Invoicing

ASC's award-winning warehouse solution provides a real-time connection from the warehouse floor to the whole enterprise. From there, this information can be made available to your customers, suppliers, or anyone else in the supply chain. This includes automated 3PL invoicing for 3PL value added services.

For visibility, the ASCTrac® 3PL Module works in conjunction with the ASC eBusiness Module and needs only a web browser for viewing inventory availability, order entry, order editing, and order status inquiries. Multi-tiered user access allows various levels of client-users to ensure the security of your data.

Most companies find that the ASCTrac® system pays for itself in less than one year. In some cases, the payback is in just a few short months. With a typical inventory accuracy of 99.9% and a labor productivity increase of 15-20%, our customers see phenomenal growth in their enterprises.

Just a Few of the ASCTrac® 3PL Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for "best-in-class" 3PL distribution centers and scalable for global use.
  • Flexible configuration - handles the spectrum of unique customer demands. An extensive feature set allows configurable rules to be applied to each of your individual customers.
  • Instant information availability - No more digging through mounds of paperwork to track inventory movement or to calculate 3PL customer billing.
  • Designed for high volume transactions: you may have hundreds of clients in your 3PL operations - each with different needs for their customers and high volumes of daily transactions.
  • Tariff Groups allow easy set-up and maintenance for billing "like customers."
  • Flexible location schemes allow for billing at different rates for locations, such as refrigeration or other climate-controlled zones.
  • Supports fee structures for pallet handling, weight handling, hazardous material handling, miscellaneous handling, multiple storage types (A, B, daily), as well as additional user-defined fees. Furthermore, billable periods can be daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Tracks the ownership of inventory, the financially responsible party, the vendor, and the inventory consignee.
  • Includes standard reports for Fee by Customer, Fee Summary, and Fee by Weight (all viewable by date range).
  • Includes ASCTrac's® built-in custom report generator for reporting against any field in the database.
  • Fully integrates with our Manufacturing modules for even more 3PL versatility.
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